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Wish List

I am seeking information (advertisements, catalogs, photographs, etc.) about:

  • United Glass Industries (location unknown)
  • Lily Glass Company of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Washington Company of Washington, Pennsylvania
  • Zarder Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Hansetta-Artware of New York, New York
  • Rita Novelty Company (location unknown)
  • Culver Limited
  • Georges Briard
  • Enchantware of Canada
  • Garofano (location unknown)

I am also seeking the following glassware:

AlgiersAlt (Click for larger view)
Algiers pitcher and glasses
BambooAlt (Click for larger view)
Bamboo glasses only
Criss CrossAlt (Click for larger view)
Criss Cross pitcher and glasses
Egyptian ScrollAlt (Click for larger view)
Egyptian Scroll glasses only
Krinkle1Alt (Click for larger view)
Both the Krinkle pitcher and glasses in Aquamarine
Krinkle2Alt (Click for larger view)
Krinkle glasses in all three colors
MandalayAlt (Click for larger view)
Both the Mandalay pitcher and glasses
Pink Wide Bands (Click for larger view)
Pink Wide Bands glasses only
Plaid BlocksAlt (Click for larger view)
Plaid Blocks glasses only
Quilted Leaves PitcherAlt (Click for larger view)
Both the Quilted Leaves glasses only
Splash-O-ColorAlt (Click for larger view)
Splash-O-Color glasses only
Willow LeavesAlt (Click for larger view)
Willow Leaves glasses only

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