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Royal Ruby

Ball stemmed goblet Coors embossed beer bottle
Eight inch bowl Fourteen inch Miss America bowl - this bowl was made by heating and stretching the 8" bowl.
Five inch bowl Miscellaneous Miss America
Five inch bowl 25 oz. brandy snifter #3553 with Royal Ruby bowl and crystal foot
Jane Ray bowl WW II headlight lens - museum has both known examples of this rare item
Leaf snack plate Heritage Hill juice glass
Orbit Lamps The only two known examples of the Royal Ruby orbit lamps
Philbe five inch bowl The only known example of the Philbe pattern in Royal Ruby
Rare vase This rare vase is common in Vitrock and fired-on colors, but this is the only known example in Royal Ruby.
Ribbed leaf snack plate Pineapple glass

Ring shot glass

Donated by Ed and Carol Staley of Modesto, California

Rose vase Rose vase - the only other known example can be found in Anchor Hocking's morgue.
Silver overlay vase Liberty Bell bank
Six inch bowl

Six inch bowl

Donated by Jane and Jerry Bohlen of Lancaster, Ohio

Target Line tumblers Target Line tumblers - the museum has all 5 known examples of this rare glass.
Target Line tumblers Thirteen inch Waterford platter
Waterford dinner plate Waterford dinner plate
Royal Ruby rearing horse
Three of the four known examples of the Royal Ruby rearing horse
Pillar Optic bowl in Royal Ruby
Rare 14 inch ruffled bowl
One of 6 lamps made for Anchor Hockig officials.
Banded Ring creamer and sugar

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